Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Mobile blogging has always been my holy grail and never quite attainable. Emailed posts were always a make do and when I finally got an iPhone I thought it would finally be realised, that is until I found out that there wasn't an 'app for that'. At least not an official one. I purchased 'Blogpress' which worked but the formatting wasn't quite there.

Today I found out that Blogger have finally released an official app. This post is the first from there and so a test for format and function.
UPDATE: I've found the official app a little disappointing. It lacks formatting and layout tools, you can only add pictures to the foot of a post. Blogpress is not perfect but it has the basic picture (but not text) formatting tools. Until Blogger update the app I'll be sticking with Blogpress. Maybe one day we'll get to that holy grail of blogging.