Tuesday 31 August 2010


The End of 'The Bill'Today saw the end of the long running Police drama, "The Bill".

This programme was a 'must see' for me at one time, especially when it was in it's 30 minute episode, bi-weekly and later tri-weekly format. It had a great influence on me, made me want to take a job helping and protecting the public. I even toyed with the idea of joining the force as a Police Officer.

It lost it's edge when the Brookside boss took over as Executive Producer and tried to 'soap it up'. Although it regained it's direction later it never fully returned to it's previous position.

Lately, ITV tried to make it more edgy with a later time slot and darker storylines, this was the final nail in it's coffin.

Although I lost interest some years ago (perhaps because of the changes), after hundreds of episodes including 2 live ones, I am sorry to see it go and will mourn it's passing.

Monday 30 August 2010


Since returning from holiday I've aimed for a little quality time with my family. This has involved sitting in the house with Morticia and the kids. Sometimes this has been good but as with all families it can be disastrous.

On the whole it's been a good week but I have to say that I'm ready to go back to work...

Friday 27 August 2010


Every year when I go to Wales I always bring home a few Welsh ales. This year I didn't manage to get to a local beer off so I had to rely on the local Tescos (which wasn't too local). Managed to get plenty though...

Monday 23 August 2010


We arrived after an uneventful but enjoyable trip, travelling on a Sunday made quite a difference to the traffic levels meaning getting through Manchester was a doddle. We arrived at the Hotel Penwig just after midday, it was like waking from a dream to find that the grey humdrum of real life was a nasty nightmare and that the quiet relaxed tranquility of Cei Newydd was real life.

I was very tired on arrival but the long drive as always was worth it. Mike, the Manager, recognised us straight away and greeted us all with his usual friendly welcome. The cottage would be a home for the next 8 nights.

The area has a poor mobile signal with no signal in cottage at all. There is something quite liberating about it, almost like holidays when I was a kid when you had absolutely no contact with anyone except for a postcard to friends and family. There were spots of signal and a few WiFi hotspots to keep me in the 21st century.

0824 - We enjoyed an early night last night after a couple of pints of Brains (the best Welsh ale). I awoke early and managed to catch the sun rising over the sea (I did go back to sleep). It's time now to get up and get ready for breakfast.

The first full day gave us glorious sunshine which meant that we spent the day on the beach with loads of swimming in the sea.

The weather was a little poor today so we decided to have a trip inland. I decided I wanted to seek out Llanddui Brieffi, made famous on the TV show, 'Little Britain' (you know, the only gay in the village). It was just a sleepy little village with a pub and Post Office and apart from stopping for a small photo opportunity we decided to drive on to Tregaron.

Tregaron was home to a little museum which used to be the town school house. It was there we were served tea and Welsh cakes by a couple of old ladies. It is a lovely little town and a wonderful day.

Later back in Cei Newydd the annual Regatta in full swing as we drank in the Penwig following a nice meal in the Dolou Inn.

A lazy day in the town, the sun was glorious this afternoon with an enjoyable sit out on the front terrace of the Penwig.

A little overcast but this didn't get in the way of a trip to the beach and another swim in the sea.

0945 - I'm out on the streets of Cei Newydd. The quiet is only interrupted by the odd vehicle passing by.

It's grey and drizzle fills the air. This doesn't get in way of the beauty of the place. It was a better afternoon, good food and plenty of Brains bitter / SA continues my enjoyment.

A visit to the Seahorse Inn and a small beer festival were essential this afternoon.

We spent the morning on the beach. It did rain a little but didn't deter us from the sea. Despite the rain it stayed really warm.

At 1620 went to see the arrival of the Great Tour cycle challenge with Daly Thompson arrive in New Quay. Unfortunately he decided to miss the finish point and go straight to the Inn the team were planning on staying in. To say I was very disappointed would be an understatement.

Lots of beer tonight in the Penwig and the Seahorse. Harlz, my eldest daughter, was mistaken for my girlfriend and a local lifeguard (because she was wearing a New Quay Lifeguard top) by a bloke in the Seahorse. Either he was pissed or thought I was some sort of pervert (maybe both?).

Today is our last full day and it's a glorious sunny day. A trip out on the boat was order of the day.

We opted for the shorter 1 hour trip and wasn't disappointed. Dolphins put on quite a show for us (and again later that evening as we watched from the pier).

We had booked a Sunday lunch earlier in the week at the Wellington Inn after enjoying the same last year, safe to say we weren't disappointed. Later we walked along the beach right across the bay. we walked to a place we'd never been in the years we've been coming to this place. We discovered a place across the bay that no doubt we'll revisit many times in the future.

Later the same evening dolphins, including a mother with a calf wowed onlookers on the pier, afterwards it was back to the Penwig for the last few drinks.
0838 - All packed up ready for last breakfast before departure. No rush time for bit of shopping for last minute souvenirs.

After saying goodbye to Mike and Chris and all the staff at the Penwig we left around 1230.

Initially we drove in the wrong direction (intentionally) so we could visit the Tescos in Cardigan. We stocked up with nibbles for the journey and some Welsh ales for me. We then set off through Wales along the coast road to Aberystwyth then saying goodbye to the sea as we headed inland through Snowdonia National Park towards North Wales and England.

We've already booked in for next year, can't see me ever tiring of this place.

Sunday 1 August 2010


To celebrate Yorkshire Day I took my family out for a meal to The Crown in Matlock. Ok, so I know that Matlock is in Derbyshire but it's the gesture that counts right?

You can't beat a good pub lunch, for me you can keep your restaurants and fancy dining, Burger and a Beer for a fiver? How do you get better than that?