Sunday 28 February 2010


Morticia has taken Rags, our youngest, to a party at a roller skating rink. It's feet up time!

It's sad when your children's social lives are better than your own.

Saturday 27 February 2010

1002.27 HOME FRONT

Getting kids sorted for drama, both off them are members of Kimberworth Youth Theatre and are performing in a play next month.

It's called 'On the Home Front' at Rotherham Arts Centre on 1003.11 and 12 (11-12th March).

I'm a very proud Dad.

Once I've dropped them off maybe I'll get a couple hours to relax so I can get over last week.

Friday 26 February 2010

1002.26 MAD NIGHT

10:44 - Hmmmm, there's a nasty smell in our building today (fuel/gas), gonna go out incase it explodes.

22:22 - What a mad night! Glad it's done, time to go home. Once again I find myself working past my finish. Will I ever get a flyer? The only bonus is that it's the end of the working week and the end of a 60 hour week.

Roll on the weekend!

Tuesday 23 February 2010


It's snowing again, and once again I'm working. It's f-f-ffrreeeeezzing outthere! Luckily I've managed to procure a vehicle for the evening.

Monday 22 February 2010


ScroogeI just got an energy meter for free from my energy provider. It's interesting to see which appliances are energy hungry and which aren't. I find myself watching the numbers trying to get it as low as possible. I guess that's what it's all about.

Friday 19 February 2010


I first checked into Foursquare on 1001.23

Meadowhall Sheffield - Buying a health grill. 10:18 AM

Since then I've been checking in like mad, collecting badges and adding venues. It's really addictive. I guess I need a new button for my website. The only thing that's missing is a decent app for Nokia, for the moment I'm using the mobile website to check in (not as good but still a usable option).

Saturday 13 February 2010


13:31 - Gonna hoover up. What a rock and roll lifestyle I lead!

Night Out
19:13 - Off out tonight with Mr C for his birthday, looks like we're off down into Rotherham town centre.

Just before I left the house tonight I had a frantic search around for the money I had withdrawn earlier only to find it in my back pocket. What a tosser! The bus journey into town reminded me of latter years as I was crammed in with the great unwashed of Rotherham.

It was a great night out, lots of reminising about old times. I guess that's what birthdays are all about.

We ended up in Snafu (Rotherham's premier rock bar) where there was a live band; "Shrine of the Monkey".

We staggered towards home, Mr C got in a taxi and I meandered across the park before landing back home, sometime around 2am I think.

Wednesday 10 February 2010


I've been going through a lot of my older blog entries, the ones from the 1st 5 years or so. Most of them up to now are post blogger, the stuff I used to enter manually onto a webpage. I'm in the process of archiving them all into a Word document.

I've noticed my style change in a way I don't like. I used to blog short lines and long passages mixed. It all mashed up into an awesome read (for me anyway). I guess those short lines have migrated to Twitter.

I have decided to trawl my Twitter tweets from time to time and come up with blog entries (after reformatting). Hopefully I can recreate a golden age.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

1002.09 FUTURE TV

Whilst watching iPlayer this morning I was reminded of a television programme I saw many years ago where Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) spoke about the future of tv and (as I recall) how there would become a day when the tv schedules would become a thing of the past as television would be posted on the internet. Although we're not quite there yet, I believe the catch up players of today, especially BBC's iPlayer, are the first steps towards the realisation of this vision.


I've done what I thought was going to be impossible, I've migrated my old ftp blogger blog to a new blogger account. I've also moved over to new hosting for the rest of the site (which is free). The rest of the site has had a clean up and I'm more than happy with the results.

If anyone has a link to the old site or blog page then you may want to update your link. for the website (as always)
or for the Captain's Log.

Monday 8 February 2010

1002.08 NEW BLOG

I've done tons of work researching and learning over the last week since learning that Blogger (my blog service provider of choice) was to end it's support for ftp uploaded blogs. I looked at other providers and the services 'new' Blogger had to offer and finally I have come up with a solution.

I'm staying with Blogger, I have looked at the features and worked out how to customise the page to how I want it. It'll mean a few tweeks to the rest of the site but nothing drastic. If you want a look at the new and I believe improved blog page then click on this link:

From now I'll not be accepting comments on the old page but all the same posts are over at the new one. Enjoy!

Wednesday 3 February 2010


I just learned that Blogger, my blog provider, is closing down it's support of FTP. This means that I have to transfer my blog to the full Blogger service. This could affect the asthetics of my website (which I've worked hard on over the years). I am in a bit of a panic now as to what to do next.