Friday 31 October 2014


Today was the election of a new Police & Crime Commissioner following the child grooming scandal and subsequent resignation of Shawn Wright. There has always been an apathy towards the role which is evident in the low turn out. I always vote for every election, I feel it's a duty that everyone should fulfill, and I made no exception here (although I almost missed it). Rotherham is the town I live in (although I still consider myself to be from Sheffield, the city of my birth) and has been damaged greatly by the recent events. The town, in my opinion, was already dying, I hope it will make it through.

This election is of course more important for me as the role affects my work. I hope I made the right choice.

Wednesday 29 October 2014


I've been unlucky to say the least the last few years. This has resulted in 3 significant sickness periods from work for me, the first being depression resulting from family issues and the other 2 being cycling related collisions resulting in broken bones and hospitalisation. Today I finally return to work following the 3rd of these occurrences.

I've spoke to my supervisor at work yesterday to sort out the details of my return and was told to "get in when you can". I decided that the best time would be 09:30 - 10:00 as that is when the office would be the quietest.

08:54 - I'm on the bus (cycling not an option yet) heading to Sheffield City Centre, it turned up 15 minutes late but I'm not on a deadline so not too concerned.

09:06 - The transfer to my 2nd bus in the old market area (now abandoned, awaiting demolition) was swift which I was glad about since its not a nice place to be waiting in these days (even in the morning). I'm now hurtling up to where my workplace sits on top of the hill. It's almost like starting a new job, I'm actually feeling quite nervous!

10:01 - I've had my return to work interview and we've drawn up a plan for the next month. Now I have 2 months of emails to go through.

14:01 - My first day is over and I'm on my way home. I'm on a graduated reintroduction and light duties for at least the next month. I'm glad I'm back and am looking forward to restoring this aspect of my life.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

1410.28 DUTY CALLS

It's been 2 months of long and painful recovery.  Finally tomorrow I return to work,  at least in a light form. Today I went to see the consultant at the hospital who cleared me for light duties. I have begun physiotherapy and have been promised a painful journey to recovery (lovely). 

I am a little apprehensive about my return,  I've not kept up to speed with the goings on and only had minimal contact with my colleagues. Whilst convalescing I've not shaved so I'm looking a little like Grizzly Adams (again I'm showing my age). I'm not like a lot of blokes that look rugged with a beard, I tend to look more homeless than manly when I sport anything more than a goatee. 

Question is do I shave before I return or use it as an indicator of my full recovery later along? Morticia hates beards as a rule and complains regularly about my 'grizzly' look.

Sunday 26 October 2014

1410.26 OUT OF SHAPE

My recuperation has had another side effect on me. One I had to deal with the last time I was injured. Whilst recuperating I've been pretty inactive which has meant that love put on a bit of weight (OK maybe its a lot), I'm not sure how much since we don't own weighing scales, if I did I think I'd be scared to use them. I'm also finding myself making excuses not to get on the bike, it's obvious that there is a psychological element I need to get over.

1410.24 DOOMED

There is rarely a news bulletin on at the moment that doesn't cover the awful events in West Africa and to some extent the rest of the world. I am of course talking about the Ebola crisis. I'm not about to go into depth about the operations of world governments and the rescue efforts of the brave medical professionals who are out there putting their lives on the line.

My wife, Morticia, has been very concerned about the whole thing and has expressed concern that the disease is about to spread throughout the world and we are all doomed. Maybe her concern is warranted, maybe not. I personally don't think that it's going to be as disastrous as we are being lead to believe. The history of the world is rife with mega killing plagues and probably always will be, I remember back in the eighties when AIDS came to light and the doom and gloom that was talked about back then, and there wasn't the added noise of social media to spread the paranoia.

I'm not worried, at least not yet. I'll continue to monitor the stories and if warranted I will panic on a later date.

Saturday 4 October 2014

1410.04 TEENAGER #2

About 5 years ago I posted a tongue in cheek post on here asking for advice in coping with a teenager as my eldest was about to reach that age. My offspring took grave offence at this and in hindsight there were tell tale signs to the three years that were to come. 

My youngest daughter has now reached that age. This time around is so different, Rags is a mature, caring, bright and considerate young lady and I have a much more positive feeling about her future.

Ever since my eldest's 13th birthday an 8 year old Rags has been planning her celebration. Like her sister she wanted a limo ride followed by a small gathering, everything went off without a hitch and I was pleased that our eldest came along to share her sister's special day. Happy 13th Rags xxx