Tuesday 31 March 2009


Boring TrainingI get to go on a number of training courses in my job. They cover a wide variety from driving to mental heath. Sometimes I get put forward for a course that I think is "right up my street". Yesterday I attended such a course. It was a trainers course to enable to deliver training to my colleagues on the forthcoming upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 (yes I know we're behind the rest of the world, we just feel lucky that we are moving into the 21st century). Boy was I wrong! It ended up being a bit of an 'Office for beginners' course and because of this I ended up sat around waiting for the others (all of whom I assumed had been chosen because of their IT skills - wrong).

It was a long day which seem to just go on and on, I left the training centre with a nasty headache. I learned nothing I couldn't have picked up in 5 minutes tinkering with the things. To clear my head and to keep my mileage up I went an cycled home via Scholes village, it was a much more gruelling ride than my usual commute and got all the frustration out of my system.

Saturday 28 March 2009


I realise I haven't posted an entry for a while now, my eldest daughter has had a few personal problems which have needed my undivided attention. Hopefully these, whilst no way solved, are hopefully in hand and I can get back to ranting and drivelling on about whatever else is on my mind.

I am thankful to my employer who have bend over backwards to assist me during a really difficult and stressful time.

Sunday 15 March 2009


This week saw the 25th anniversary of the start of the miners' strike. At the time I was a 12 year old boy living in the small mining town of Killamarsh. My father wasn't a miner so I never went through the deprivation of some of my friends. I remember the protests, not quite understanding the bigger picture. I saw friends claiming free school meals and big community charity drives. The biggest thing I remember during this time was when the fair came to town, perhaps to raise the spirits of a community on it's arse. It was a few days where we all had good time, rides were cheap (10p a go I think) and the soundtrack was Wham! Good times amongst bad times.

The pit closed soon after and devastated the area, we left a few years later (because of my parents jobs) but the area still survives all be it without me, I still have friends there and have driven through a couple of times. One day I'll ride my bike over there and take in the places I remember and cherish.

All this reminiscing got me into looking at old pictures of Sheffield, my home city (I've got loads of books). Naturally I moved onto tinternet to search more. I came across the filmreel of 'Sheffield, City on the Move', it was used in an edited form at the start of 'The Full Monty'. It's a little earlier than I remember but nothing much changed between those times and my childhood in the seventies.

I'm including links to each part (it's split into 4) to show the glory days of my home city and a recent showreel promoting the city today and how it's risen from the ashes of the 80s. If you have no connection with Sheffield you may find it dull but for anyone of my age it's a walk down memory lane (fuck me, I can't believe I just said that, 40 is much closer than I realised!).

City on the Move part 1

City on the Move part 2

City on the Move part 3

City on the Move part 4

Creative Sheffield

Monday 9 March 2009

0903.08 BAD TO WORSE

It's only Monday and I'm having a bad week already.

My eldest daughter has been playing up and behaving like Jekill and Hyde for the last couple of days. It's like walking across broken glass with her at the moment. I'd love to know why she is being like this but I don't think even she knows. I can't remember growing up ever being that bad.

Work is a bit crap at the moment (it gets that way from time to time), office politics and new work practices are just pissing me off at the moment.

Usually, to de-stress I can just jump on my bike and go for a ride. I get time to myself and the whole experience just calms me. Unfortunately, I discovered this morning (whilst attempting to get to work) that the chain is slipping. So it looks like I'll be needing a new rear cassette (which I'll fit myself this time).

That'll be another week on the peasant wagon!

Sunday 8 March 2009


Yesterday I finally collected my bike, after many phone calls and being fobbed off, arguments and disgruntled conversations. I am really disappointed with the service I received and it is safe to say that I won't be taking my bike there again.

Ironically, after I'd taken my bike in people started to come forward to say that the particular shop I used had a reputation for poor service. This view was supported by several cyclists I know which wasn't much help when I was stuck in the middle of the process.

Lesson learned, I tried to take a shortcut for convenience only for it to take longer. The whole thing blew up in my face and since I only have 1 bike I shouldn't leave it to a 3rd party to sort out unless I really have to.
Morticia left on a train yesterday for her mother's for a couple of days. She's having a little break for the hustle and stress of daily life. So until Wednesday I'm in charge!