Saturday 22 May 2010

1005.22 SKY PLUS HD

My Sky TV started to fail a couple of weeks ago which prompted me to phone customer services. They did a a few system checks with my which lead to a diagnosis of a faulty LBM (which I believe is the knobbly bit on the end of the stick on the dish). An engineer would have cost me just under £70 just for the call out so I asked if an upgrade was possible. I was transferred to the sales dept.

The sales dept could offer me a free system with a £30 set up fee but only if I took the HD package on top of my existing pack (an extra £10 per month). I told them that I didn't have a HD TV so the pack would be useless. I was then offered a system from £169 +set up. I told them that they were insulting me and asked to cancel my subscription.

Now I know this kind of story has been told be many people, many times. But this is the first time I have had first hand experience of going through the cancellation procedure for anything. The guy in cancellations was very sympathetic and immediately offered me the full Sky+HD system without the HD package for £29 with free installation. I'm not greedy, I wasn't after something for nothing and this I saw as a fair offer. I agreed.

Today the engineer came (at 08:00 this morning) to fit my new Sky. To say I am happy is an understatement. The system is amazing. I can see why people say that Sky+ will change the way you view TV. It's amazing! I can now watch all the shows that used to pass me by because of the hours I work or family hogging the remote.

I'm off now to watch more TV, see ya!

Monday 17 May 2010

1005.17 CYCLECAM #02

Part of my commute home along Brightside Lane in Sheffield.

Sunday 16 May 2010

1005.16 IRON MAN 2

The Captain's Movie Review in Seven Words


1005.15 LADS DAY OUT

I have to say that I've never been out on an all day drinking session, until now. Although I have to add that the drinking wasn't really what it was all about, it was more about good company, conversation and having a laugh. The group consisted of blokes from my team at work; Harvey Bubbles, Ginger Melon, The Boy Stubbs, Mauritian Elvis, Reidy, Mumbles and my good self.

The day started in Sheffield City Centre at 09:00with a visit to the Benjamin Huntsman, a Wetherspoons pub which serves cheap breakfasts. Then onward to catch the bus to Matlock, our destination for today, the 214 which incidentally was driven by a complete prick who got the bus into Matlock 30 minutes late for no explainable reason.

We started in the George, another Wetherspoons house, mainly because of the cheap beer. Later onto the Railway where we got hold of the dartboard for a couple of games. Then after Mumbles and I popped into a cycle shop next door (whilst the others were in the bookies) wh went back to the George for lunch and because some of the lads wanted to watch the game.

We left Matlock on the last bus (17:10) and ended up in the Sheffield Tap (a relatively new pub in Sheffield Railway Station) before calling it a night.

The Lads in Matlock
It was a great day out, nice to relax and spend time with friends with no pressure to get hammered. It was particularly poignant as the Mauritian Elvis is leaving the team soon (new job within our organisation). I look forward to doing this again soon.

Thursday 13 May 2010


The Captain's Movie Review in Seven Words


Tuesday 11 May 2010

1005.11 CYCLECAM #01

A look at a small part of my commute from my village in Rotherham. I knocked the camera when I set it recording so the picture is a little slanting.

Sunday 9 May 2010

1005.09 CYCLECAM

I am now happy that I have gotten the angle and mounting right for my new Cyclecam. This is the first 5 minutes or so of my commute home starting at Lambert Street in Sheffield City Centre.

Saturday 8 May 2010

1005.08 WELL HUNG

So we have a hung Parliament which basically means that whilst the Tories got the most votes they don't have enough to form a government. They are now talking with the Liberal Democrats with a view to joining together in a coalition government. Well all I can say is that it could have been worse. Whilst I am not happy that Labour didn't win at least the Tories didn't either. If they do form a coalition government then they still won't have a majority so are effectively muzzled to some degree.

I wait and see what the future has in store...

Thursday 6 May 2010


Today is the day to make your voice heard (unless like me you've voted by post). I firmly believe that it is everyone's duty to vote so I ask everyone in the United Kingdom to get off their arses and get down to the polling stations.

I'm supporting Labour as I believe they are the only party (and I certainly don't believe that they are perfect) that can move this country forward. I dread the possibility of another Conservative government, Thatcher and Major last time destroyed so much of society, especially in the north. I guess in 24 hours we'll know.

Today is also Morticia's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE YOU LOADS xxx

Wednesday 5 May 2010


So it's my birthday....

Just an ordinary day really, except with greetings cards. I still had to go up to school and then after mooching about the house for a couple of hours, I went to work. Morticia did cook me a special supper for when I returned though - steak, chips with Yorkshire pudding, loveley!

Thanks to all my friends and family for the cards and messages throughout the day.

My Mother in Law (and her partner) bought me a mini DV cam for mounting on my bike, it's a brilliant little toy so I cam film bits of my rides when I'm out. I've used some of the supplied mountings to attach it to my helmet. I did do a couple of tests on my commute today with it clipped to my jacket which came out well but the angles and camera shake caused problems. Check out my YouTube channel to see them.

New Helmet Cam

Sunday 2 May 2010


Beard Election
It was a bit of fun but I had every intention of abiding with the results. 

So here they are, reviled first this morning on Twitter and Facebook;

Beard Party - 11 votes,
Shave Party - 15 votes.

So I shaved it off this afternoon, it's gone but not forever....

Saturday 1 May 2010


BeardToday is the Great Beard Election, You can vote whether I shave it off or keep it at my Twitter profile.

Current polling results are;

5 votes to shave.

4 votes to keep the beard.

Have your say now!


Not much change on the previous month (slight increase). More rides or ride extentions are needed. Still waiting for word on the work's Cycle to Work scheme.

Best Distance (Daily)
= 34.19 miles (on the 19th)

Longest Time out of the saddle
= 6 days