Thursday 28 May 2015


It's always been my intention to start cycling with a club. Last year, after the Tour and after I searched out a suitable club, I had the intention of introducing myself. Then, as I've previously mentioned, disaster struck (1409.21). It was a long road to recovery, then finally I got to the stage when I thought I was ready to join my local cycling club. The first time I bottled it but about a month ago I took the leap...

I'd been monitoring the club's activities on their Facebook page for some time. They posted details of the Sunday club ride and I dropped them a comment asking if I could tag along. Very quickly I got a response inviting me along.

I got up nice and early put together my bits and bobs and checked over my 'best' bike (as I had done the night before). I set off into the dry quiet Sunday morning. The ride to the meeting point was about 8km away so it served as a warm up and practice with what was still a fairly unfamiliar steed. I arrived at the meeting point (a pub car park), there were a couple of riders already there to which I introduced myself. More came along, all seemed very welcoming but I still felt a bit of an outsider (understandable I know). There were 2 rides planned, an 'A' run and a 'B'run, I went along with the 'B' group.

I've ridden with a group before but not often and not for a long while. Various members took the time to speak to me and chat as we moved out into the countryside. The pace was probably higher than I would do on a solo ride but not beyond me by a long way, we rode out to Bank View Cafe in Langsett where we had a break and a bite to eat. We left and set off back, the ride was good and I feel I was up to the challenges I put before me. I feel I took the next step in my cycling journey, so much so that I have continued to ride with the group.

Thursday 7 May 2015


If you live in the UK you can't have not noticed that there's an election. For me and millions lie me this election is a potential turning point. As a northern public servant and a carer for my disabled wife I have been in the sights of this Tory government for some time. Tomorrow I will find out if I've got a future (yes I do believe it is that bad).

I voted by post last week, it's not hard to guess when my 'X' went.

Wednesday 6 May 2015

1505.06 FOUR FOUR

My birthday weekend didn't start to well. For months I've been planning my cycle ride to watch the Tour de Yorkshire on the other side of Barnsley. The weather forecast didn't look too clever and as the day approached the predictions got worse. I still prepared as if I was going but when I got up on Sunday morning the rain was biblical, I half expected to see an ark floating down the main road outside my bedroom window. I searched my soul, I really wanted this but did I want to be out in the rain for 4-6 hours? Not to mention the increased potential for accidents (which is something I'm keen to avoid given my recent history). Decision made then, not going... Gutted!

Not only was this my birthday weekend, it was also Bank Holiday Weekend. What to do on a Bank Holiday Monday. One thing was certain I wasn't planning on heading out and sitting in a traffic jam. We (as a family) decided to head out later in the day. We headed out to Bakewell in the Peak District, it's not that far. We had our tea in one of the pubs in the village and a steady walk by the river. It was a lovely evening.

My birthday passed without any significant anything, I booked the time off work which made the day pass easier. Morticia's birthday is the day after, we spent the day at home again.