Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Creating and changing my website is very therapeutic so it's perhaps no surprise that since I'm feeling so down at the moment that I've created a new page. As from today my 'Toons' page is online. I'm hoping to add some more insight into my creative process in the future but for now it's a display of my personal favourites. Enjoy.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Wedding Anniversary 2011Today it's our wedding anniversary. So what's the plan? Dinner? Day out? Perhaps but not with me. I'm at home with the kids whilst my wife is in Paris with her friend. It's not an issue, we agreed to this months ago. So what am I doing for our anniversary? Nothing I wouldn't do on a regular Sunday, I'm considering having a curry for one tonight but I'll see how I feel later.

1107.02 LE TOUR

It's July and that time of year in the cycling calendar where any fan of cycling is glued to the tv for the 'greatest show on 2 wheels'. It's time for the Tour de France. This is the third year I'll actively followed the race and my interest gets stronger every time.

Ironically, Morticia is in France this weekend having a break with her friend (although no where near the race). I'm off work for a few days so I'll be looking at picking up a few miles in the saddle myself.