Sunday 26 April 2009


My life just doesn't get any duller than it is at the moment. All bed and work with very little else. Time and money seem to be holding me back from living.

I was actually excited at the prospect of doing my supermarket shop online. The monthly shop had become more and more difficult. We just couldn't take the kids along anymore, it became too difficult lugging them along so it ended up easier not doing the full shop and we just ended up just popping to the shops as we needed. The costs were astronomical, fuel and the extra items we ended up buying all mounted up.

I was pleasantly surprised at the service (I guess I was worried about the whole process about someone else doing my shopping). It meant that there is food in the cupboards and we've saved quite a substantial amount of money.

Saturday 18 April 2009


My eldest daughter will soon reach the age of 13 and is already exhibiting the usual teenage characteristics. She's bad tempered frequently, unreliable and has a bedroom that I wouldn't house a wild animal in. Does anyone have any survival tips on how I'm supposed to get through the next 7 years?

Now I understand why some animals eat their young.

When I initially posted this, it was intended as a tongue in cheek post, I offended my eldest who got upset thinking I was 'having a go' at her publicly. I think most people reading this realise but just to make it clear. I'm having a laugh at the teenage condition and is certainly not meant to reflect any true feelings.

Saturday 11 April 2009


This week it's been my daughters' dance show, which is always a tough week for all involved. It usually involves sitting in a large hall behind the main theatre and getting my youngest daughter in the correct costume at the correct time. Add to this all the other screaming kids, it makes for a stressful time. This year, I have to say hasn't been too bad, although very tiring when you add on a morning shift at work.

(I have drawn the obligatory cartoon but with time being tight and not being at home I haven't had time - at the point of posting - to process it thro Photoshop)

On Thursday night, the final night of the show we also planned to head down to visit Morticia's mother who lives about 120 miles away. It was 23:15 when we set off, I drove about 40 miles before I felt the warm hand of fatigue on my shoulder. Luckily, Morticia is pracically nocturnal (being queen of the dead and all) so she did the rest of the journey as I slept in the passenger seat.

Saturday 4 April 2009

0904.04 BED AND WORK

Life weighs heavily on me at the moment. Loads of pressure on the home front and changes at work. My life seems to consist of bed and work at the moment. The bit in between, the cycling between the two sites is the only thing that is holding me together. I yern for more but cannot see an end to this loop at the moment.

True things are better in some respects than they used to be back in the days I worked horrible shifts and was constantly tired. So maybe progress is slow and someday I'll find myself with more time for me. Until then I'll keep sleeping, cycling and working.