Sunday, 30 October 2011


I've had a very difficult few weeks. I suffered with a nasty chest infection which knocked me off my feet for a while, I had to take a week off work (and anyone who knows me knows that it takes a lot to keep me from work). On top of that we had more difficulties with our teenager. Thankfully we managed to sort out most of the issues, the challenges remain of course, as they do for most parents of teenage girls.

There are changes afoot in our outlook too, Morticia is being a lot more open about her condition with a view to learning to live with it and come to terms with her life. She is now accepting that she is disabled and she has to live to her abilities and not push herself. I find myself accepting the fact that I am officially her primary carer and also the target for many of her frustrations. Juggling work, being a parent and a carer isn't easy, in fact it is sometimes frustrating and feels impossible. The last few weeks I've had all that on top of illness and teenage issues, thankfully I managed to get through. I feel drained at this moment but determined to make Morticia's life more comfortable.