Saturday, 19 December 2009


So it's the final leg of the road to Christmas. A time when people panic buy because they are worried that the shops may never reopen again after Christmas Day and traditionally you have cupboards full of food you're not allowed to eat because 'it's for Christmas'!

A week last Thursday saw our office party. If I'm honest I'd say that I wasn't looking forward to it (in fact if I could have gotten out of it I would have). In the end and despite not partaking in the drinking of alcohol, I had a wonderful night (and it's safe to say that so did Morticia).

Christmas shopping is painful and hideous and I've hated every minute. What is fun about spending more than you can afford then giving the stuff away?

Last night was the annual Jolly Boys Christmas drinkipoos. The Jolly Boys event used to be well attended, unfortunatly, as last year, there were only 2 of us; Mr C and myself. We toured the various hostileries within Rotherham town centre taking in the sights of the lady Santas of which there were many. As usual we ended up in the Snafu (the town's premier rock bar) where I unleashed my air guitar skills.

Considering I didn't get to bed whilst 3 this morning I'm feeling pretty good today (I've been at work since 9:00, this is a miracle)

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