Saturday, 13 February 2010


13:31 - Gonna hoover up. What a rock and roll lifestyle I lead!

Night Out
19:13 - Off out tonight with Mr C for his birthday, looks like we're off down into Rotherham town centre.

Just before I left the house tonight I had a frantic search around for the money I had withdrawn earlier only to find it in my back pocket. What a tosser! The bus journey into town reminded me of latter years as I was crammed in with the great unwashed of Rotherham.

It was a great night out, lots of reminising about old times. I guess that's what birthdays are all about.

We ended up in Snafu (Rotherham's premier rock bar) where there was a live band; "Shrine of the Monkey".

We staggered towards home, Mr C got in a taxi and I meandered across the park before landing back home, sometime around 2am I think.

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