Tuesday, 31 August 2010


The End of 'The Bill'Today saw the end of the long running Police drama, "The Bill".

This programme was a 'must see' for me at one time, especially when it was in it's 30 minute episode, bi-weekly and later tri-weekly format. It had a great influence on me, made me want to take a job helping and protecting the public. I even toyed with the idea of joining the force as a Police Officer.

It lost it's edge when the Brookside boss took over as Executive Producer and tried to 'soap it up'. Although it regained it's direction later it never fully returned to it's previous position.

Lately, ITV tried to make it more edgy with a later time slot and darker storylines, this was the final nail in it's coffin.

Although I lost interest some years ago (perhaps because of the changes), after hundreds of episodes including 2 live ones, I am sorry to see it go and will mourn it's passing.

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