Friday, 15 October 2010


Since I got back from our holiday my cycling has been pretty much just the daily commute. Pleasure rides are getting fewer and fewer. Part of the reason being that the bike needs some tweeks and adjustments, things that mean taking the bike off the rode for a few days. I only have the one bike so I can't afford to be without it, I'm waiting for Cycle to Work to start (scheduled by the end of the year) so that I can take the old one off the road.

Over the last few weeks the ride has become a chore, I've found myself considering my options for the commute which I never thought I'd ever do.

Maybe it's the bike, it's riding like a dog and since returning from holiday (and after seeing those cyclists riding in Wales) I've longed for a decent road bike and the only way I have of funding that dream is through work.

The Cycle to Work scheme has been a battle at work which has had it's ups and downs. We finally got an agreement to start a new scheme (but not a timescale) last month.
I don't know why after so many years I feel like this, my cycling dreams are turning stale.

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