Sunday, 18 December 2011


I'm just getting over my hangover from last night's festive night out with my bestest bud, Mr C.

Christmas 2011 is almost ready. Morticia has been stressing about being ready and this has meant extra pressure to make sure everything gets done as swiftly as possible. Although we are almost done, except for food and I have to sort out a few bits myself.

I have 4 days of work between now and the big day, but I'm on lates so that makes it difficult. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, the plan is to go to Iceland, Morrisons and Tescos. Sounds like hell to me.

Why do we put ourselves through all this shit year in year out? It's stressful, unpleasant and in the end usually doesn't live up to expectations. I'd just do the basics, as long as you are with friends and family what else to you need? We are all searching for the perfect Christmas, but is there such a thing?

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