Tuesday, 6 March 2012

1203.06 DAD

Some years ago I fell out with my dad (or he fell out with me). This lead to becoming estranged from my family, as time progressed I realised that the damage grew deeper with every passing year and I faced up to the reality that I may never speak to them again.

Things changed at the end of last year. My uncle died at a very young age which shocked the whole family. At the funeral my dad spoke to me, we agreed that life was indeed too short and that the situation has to change. A few weeks later I visited my parents and spoke at length about the things I believed led to our estrangement. We ironed a lot out and a few weeks later (delayed because of other events, see previous post) they came over to our house to visit, and re-get to know their grand-children.

Tonight we all went out for a meal at Meadow Farm, one of our favourite eateries. All went well and the feeling I feel at having my parents back in my life is truly indescribable. It's still early days but I have high hopes for the future.