Tuesday, 14 August 2012

1208.14 NOT SO DANDY

I just heard that the Dandy, a comic and British institution is in danger since its circulation dropped below 8,000. I grew up with the Dandy and Beano (I even dabbled with the Topper and Whizzer & Chips). I used to enjoy copying the cartoons and learned a lot from the art. I was also entertained, it's something that's lost on today's children.

Star Letter

Back in the 80s I even had a drawing and letter published in the Dandy's letters page (Star letter nonetheless).

I for one will mourn its passing.


chocolat lover said...

thats a shame...

...well done on getting the star letter though ;o)

The Captain said...

I was gutted at the time. The week before the prize was a Casio digital watch, all I got was a shit jigsaw puzzle.