Wednesday, 26 December 2012


So Christmas is effectively over, although I never thought we were going to pull it off. This year has been the worst of my life. The departure of my eldest daughter, the reconciliation and subsequent break down in the relationship with my parents have resulted in utter despair which meant an extended time for me off sick and found me in counselling and temporarily on antidepressants. 

I am determined to rebuild my life for the sake of my remaining family. 

Christmas day was good. The dinner was great (even if I had to save the day with the gravy). I got a new Nexus 7 tablet (so did the kids) and we had good company. It was tiring for Morticia, I'm expecting her to sleep in today. There was a hole left by our eldest daughter's absence but we made the best of the situation. I'm sure she missed us as much as we missed her. 

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chocolat lover said...

Im sure she missed you as well...

it cant be easy for you and Morticia, all you can do is keep reaching out to her...

merry christmas too