Thursday, 28 February 2013


The day before yesterday I crashed whilst out riding my bike. I took crossing the tram tracks (which I've done a thousand times) at a bad angle and the bike slipped. I hit the ground hard.

Initially I dismissed the fall thinking I'd bounce back. I even cycled home from work. The real pain didn't start until the next morning, my knee is still swollen and my shoulder and neck have stiffened and I have pain in the soft tissue bellow my collar bone.

I went to minor injuries clinic and have been advised to take it easy and keep the pressure off. I've also been prescribed strong inflammatory pain killers. I'm now off sick from work. 

Perhaps I'm not as young as I was and I just can't bounce straight back. It's the worst cycling accident I've been involved in so far.

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chocolat lover said...

oh dear poor you...

...hope you feel better soon ;o)

next time cycle over them at a better angle ;o)