Wednesday, 26 February 2014


The news is awash with the forthcoming referendum in Scotland. Watching the politicians from both sides is like watching a relationship break up on Facebook (we've all seen them). It's embarrassing and quite frankly a little worrying.

I'm not Scottish and don't have any connections with Scotland aside from a short holiday about 20 years ago when Morticia and I drove up to Inverness to look for the Loch Ness monster (we were unsuccessful but had a great break). I do know some Scottish people who are a little peeved that they can't vote since they don't live there anymore. I think they're annoyed because if it's a 'yes' they instantly become 'Scottish' and thereby become foreigners. Maybe since Scotland won't immediately be an EU country they might get deported! 


chocolat lover said...

I dont watch the news so will have to google it ;o)

Does this mean that if its a non EU country that they will want us English folk to get a visa to come and visit?

You might even get a stamp in your passport too ;o)

The Captain said...

I don't really understand it but it's fascinating to wonder what the conciquences are to an independent Scotland.