Thursday, 22 May 2014


My friends have just completed an amazing coast to coast cycle and I'm both proud and jealous of all of them. You see I should have been on that ride. It was to be a major achievement in my life. Unfortunately I was denied due to the accident last year which left me unable to train. My only hope is that a similar opportunity presents itself to me sometime in the future.

After what seems the most frustrating 6 months I am almost in a position to start riding my bike again. I just got it back from having a new brake/shifter fitted, I put on new bar tape and as soon as I put the new tyres on it'll be ready for the roads. The only problem is I can't get the old pedals off (I want to replace them), still that's a minor issue. It's just a shame the weather has turned from bright and sunny to wet and miserable.

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chocolat lover said...

you will be able to do it another time ;o)