Wednesday 2 July 2014


I guess it's kind of expected of me to write about the Tour de France and the Yorkshire Grand Depart. As I write this there is just a few days until the cyclists roll out of Leeds. I am very excited, what I'm not enjoying is the media attention from people who have never really covered cycling, mainly the local TV news and newspapers. Then there's the small backlash from angry motorists who are pissed off that they can't get out in their cars for a day. I've had a few of those arguments over the last seven days.

Over the last couple of days I've been lucky enough to attend 2 free events run by Sheffield Hallam University (a TdF sponsor). On Monday I went along to 'Science of Cycling' at the Crucible Theatre. The event was billed as an interactive celebration of cycling and didn't disappoint. Academics in the field of sports science were joined by Nicole Cooke (arguably the most successful female cyclist of our time) and David Walsh (the journalist who broke the Lance Armstrong doping story). The second was a Q&A panel called 'Cycling Heaven' and was broadcast live on BBC Radio Sheffield. On the panel was Malcolm Elliott (former pro and TdF cyclist), Dean Downing (local pro cyclist), Chris Sidwells (cycling journalist and nephew of the legendary Tom Simpson), Mayur Ranchordas (nutritionist), Dr David James (sports scientist who also chaired the previous event at the Crucible).

My plan for the day (stage 2, York to Sheffield) has been up and down over last few weeks. I was initially going to be camping in a festival environment. Because of a friend's illness the plan was off, then back on and finally off again. I've come up with an alternative which I'm happy with that involves cycling and an early start. So I'm ready for the Grand Depart. I know where I'm watching, when I'm setting off and what I'm taking.

Bring it on...

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chocolat lover said...

your poor friend ending up missing it...

...glad you had an alternative plan ;o)