Tuesday, 19 August 2014


We aren't having a holiday again this year. As a bit of a diversion, and because the opportunity arose we (Morticia & me) decided to have a day in London. As before we made a b-line for Camden Town, an amazing place that I totally get.

I have a list of London pubs that I got from a web article some months ago that I want to visit so part of the trip we decided would take in a few of these.

Camden Eye - This one disappointed (although I'd like to see it at night) and was very pricey)
Brewdog Camden - This bar was a revelation. A totally different drinking experience. We ended up staying here for a while and grabbed a bite to eat. I recently found out there's one of these in Sheffield which I must visit soon.

I love London, the vibe, the Underground, the way it is it's like a different country. I'll be back soon.


chocolat lover said...

London is good for sure...

...there was a pub in the city (near to when I worked in Minories) where the pub drink prices go up and down due to demand.

I cant remember the name of it and I even checked on a London Pub website incase something clicked but it didnt!

I will probably remember tonight when Im asleep ;o)

The Captain said...

If you remember let me know, I'll add it to my list.