Friday, 19 September 2014


I wake up this morning to discover that Scotland has decided to stay in our union and reject independence. I am glad that they are not breaking away, the loss I believe would have irreparably damaged the north of England by condemning us to potentially many years of Tory rule. I believe that the next stage is to look at the way the entire country is governed. How can the parliament that's so far away in the south-east know what's best for a society in the north? I'm hoping for a certain amount of devolution for the regions of England as enjoyed by Scottish people (which is now due to increase following the referendum) as well as the Welsh. A Yorkshire assembly perhaps? After all the population of Yorkshire is comparable to Scotland (5.3m compared to 5.29, source: Google). 


chocolat lover said...

More regionalised assemblies would be better for the country as a whole.

The Captain said...


Eileen said...

I reckon the vote was a big waste of time and money!