Monday, 15 December 2014


Yesterday our lovely hamster, "Twinkle" passed away peacefully in his sleep. I know some people might not take the passing of a pet (especially a small pet with such a short LIFESPAN) but I cannot express enough the effect this little rodent has on our family.

He arrived with us at our darkest day (our eldest daughter had left us following a number of years of problems), we had reached the lowest ebb and I was in the middle of a mental breakdown and have few real memories of that particular time. I do remember the day he arrived, I wasn't too keen on him. I didn't want another pet, especially a rodent. Soon things changed. "Twinkle" whom we we told was a girl was discovered to be a boy (it was pretty obvious), was the most gentle, funny and energetic little creature I've ever had the pleasure to know. He shone a light on a dark time in my life and helped lift my mood and spirits. Every time I went into the dining room (in the evening) he was there to greet me. I enjoyed watching him run around the room in his ball (which he loved). He loved to be handled and demanded so regularly.

There is a big hole in our lives now. I'm glad however, that my eldest daughter got to know and love him too. He fell asleep and was laid to rest with a piece of cheese, a grape and a corn stick (some of his favourite treats) under the lavender bush in the garden.


chocolat lover said...

they say that pets have a calming influence...

twinkle had a good life with you and morticia and the girls ;o)

its good that he has his favourite treats with him too ;o)

Eileen said...

What a lovely tribute to Twinkle.
I'm glad he brought some joy to your heart.
RIP Twinkle.