Sunday, 15 March 2015

1503.15 MOTHERS' DAY

This year we wanted to do something special to mark Mothers Day. It's the first time in recent years that we've all been together and it needed to be special. The last time we were all together we took a trip to Whitby so we decided to do the same again.

It was an early start (I was up at 6am) so that we could beat any potential crowds. I know it's out of season but it can still get busy.

We had a great day, truly wonderful. Morticia struggled getting around a little but we didnt rush her around. It got quite busy in the middle of the day with queues forming outside all of the cafes, restaurants and take-aways. We waited a while before enjoying a meal in Robertson's fish and chip restaurant.

A good time, no a great time was had but now it's time to pay the price. Morticia, I'm betting will be bed ridden for the next few days. Was it worth it? She says so and who am I to argue?

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chocolat lover said...

Its great that you all had a great Mothers Day ;o)

We have a tradition of going to Southend on Good Friday - I love eating chips on the beach ;o)