Sunday, 18 March 2018


This week we lost one of the greatest minds of our generation and perhaps ever. Professor Stephen Hawking passed away.

Some years ago I bought his book, "A Brief History of Time" and unlike most people I actually read it. I don't pretend to have understood it all but I still found it eye opening.

Stephen Hawking appearing in Star Trek
Not only was he brilliant, he was renowned for a great wit and sense of humour. He regularly guested on loads of TV shows as himself from The Simpsons to Star Trek (where he was the only person who played himself). It's important to remember the person behind the mind and certainly behind the disability.

My youngest daughter idolised the man and it inspired her to study science. She was devastated when she heard the news.

The world became a little more stupid but by averages everyone became a little cleverer.

Rest in peace Professor, you gave the world so much.

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