Saturday 8 June 2024


Have you ever had a deity practically knock on your digital door? I think I might have. I think Cernnuous has been making himself know to me. Why do I think this? Indeed, who is Cernnuous? Before this I'd never come across the name but I already knew who he was.

My beliefs are no secret and recently I have made connections within the Celtic pantheon and as such I have been reading and consuming podcasts on the subject. It was during one of these audio events (that I usually consume whilst walking the dog) that I first heard the name. It wasn't in any real context and I assumed the reference was to a different pantheon.

Then I heard the name again listening to a pagan describing their practice on an audiobook, I was out walking my dog so just listened on. Then, completely unsolicited, an article was shown to me on my social media feed (I'd made no previous searches or even spoke about it). It was a synopsis of the Celtic God Cernnuous - complete with illustration. It was then that I realised I already knew him, an image of his face looks down over my altar and I spend a lot of time looking at his face. Only I simply knew him as "the Green Man".

He has many names, this I now know. Cernunnos, the horned god of the wild, protector of the forest, and symbol of fertility, perfectly embodied the spirit I'd always connected with in nature. This chance encounter made me wonder: Was Cernunnos revealing his true name to me? Perhaps not a call to action, but a subtle introduction.

Nature is a powerful force, a constant presence in our lives. Cernunnos, in all his aspects, reminds us of this connection. As I continue on my spiritual journey, I'll carry this newfound knowledge with me, ready to speak his name, to honour him, when I'm out exploring the great outdoors.

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