Tuesday 31 March 2009


Boring TrainingI get to go on a number of training courses in my job. They cover a wide variety from driving to mental heath. Sometimes I get put forward for a course that I think is "right up my street". Yesterday I attended such a course. It was a trainers course to enable to deliver training to my colleagues on the forthcoming upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 (yes I know we're behind the rest of the world, we just feel lucky that we are moving into the 21st century). Boy was I wrong! It ended up being a bit of an 'Office for beginners' course and because of this I ended up sat around waiting for the others (all of whom I assumed had been chosen because of their IT skills - wrong).

It was a long day which seem to just go on and on, I left the training centre with a nasty headache. I learned nothing I couldn't have picked up in 5 minutes tinkering with the things. To clear my head and to keep my mileage up I went an cycled home via Scholes village, it was a much more gruelling ride than my usual commute and got all the frustration out of my system.


James (UK) said...

I always hated off-site training courses... I've only ever been on a handful, but every one was thouroughly boring as you end up waiting and waiting inordinate amnounts of time for total Dumbos to catch up.

I'm not being big-headed or anything, but it'd be over things like "Now plug your PC into the mains, please, and switch on", and 20 minutes later, there are still one or two who are stuck and scratching their heads!

TimanfayAir said...

My mum and dad once left me alone for a fortnight, I was about 24!!!
I couldn´t get the stupid washing machine to work, even with the detailled description of what to do.
All bloody handwash!
They arrived back and after 30 minutes of hysterics they pointed to the plug! My reply was that it was not in the instructions! DOH!

The Captain said...

I too struggle with washing machines. I love technology and seek out the latest gadgets but the humble washer is an enigma.