Saturday, 2 May 2009

0905.02 A NIGHT OFF

Night OffMy beloved Morticia is away again this weekend, this time in London for her friend's 40th birthday (she got to see the new T-Mobile ad shoot with Pink in Trafalgar Square but that's her story). This means that I'm left behind at home with the kids and I get a little 'me' time. Me time tends to be late night movies with nibbles or something from the takeaway across the road and 2 litres of Coke Zero (or Pepsi Max).

I'm not really a one for drinking alcohol at home, I'd rather have my caffeine laced fizzy stuff.

She returns tonight so I'll be spending the day tidying the mess the kids and I've made (which isn't too bad for a change.

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James (UK) said...

I'm like that; I'm virtually tee-total now, but I love my cola... either "Pepsi Max", or Tesco standard "own brand" at the moment.