Sunday, 24 May 2009

0905.24 LACK OF LIFE

I haven't posted for a while now, this isn't because of lack of interest, nor is it because I've been too busy with a hectic lifestyle. It's simply because nothing of note has really happened in my life recently. Apart from having a stint of supervising the team at work to provide holiday cover, nothing is happening. Bed and work, that's it.
Currently I'm at Morticia's mother's in St Neots, all I'm doing is sitting 'round the house trying to find things to occupy me. I've tweeted, facebooked, I've read a cycling magazine. Now I find myself trying to blog about nothing, all in the aid of filling up my day.
If I have the cash I'd get an old bike and leave it here for me to get out and about whenever we come dow to stay. I'd love that and maybe then I'd have something to go on about.
Until something interesting happens I'll just plod on with my day. *yawn*


The Famulus said...

I too am looking for a second bike to have in the UK. I was looking around for a second hand one, which is kinda tricky when you aren't even in the UK. Almosted tempted to buy a new one since they are not too expensive, but I've since decided that since I want a few specifics on it, that might not be such a good idea. Have to wait and look when I am back one weekend.

James (UK) said...

Huh! Too busy for the likes of virtual people!