Saturday 6 June 2009


Collectormania is something I've attended for some years now. When I heard Leonard Nimoy was one of the guests I knew I had to be there. Unfortunately I' d completely forgotten about it until Mr C text me this morning asking what time I wanted picking up. Luckily I'd not planned anything else so off we went accompanied by the 'other' Ian.

We arrived late (around lunchtime) which meant that all the queue tickets for Mr Nimoy had been handed out. My heart sank, all this way for nothing. There was no other guest that I wanted to meet so it seemed like I'd wasted my day. Still, I made the best of it, looking at the dealer stalls at all the merchandise that I'd probably buy if I was a single man (that's the sacrifice us marrieds make). We mealed at a nearby Asda (£2.80 for Cornish pasty, chips and a large Diet Coke!) and returned to the event to see if there was any chance of joining that queue.

The guy running Mr Nimoy's queue said that they may open up the queue at 16:00 if it had gone down significantly. At 15:50 it was announced that they would be issuing further tickets for the queue, we were stood next to the guy that said this so got some of the first tickets issued. We jumped straight into the line and shortly after this happened.....

Photography or videoing wasn't permitted but I wasn't going to be without my picture of 'authenticity' so I set my camera to record video whilst it was slung arround my neck.

It was only a few seconds but I shook his hand and we exchanged pleasantries. That was everything that I'd hoped for.

What an experience for any Star Trek fan!


James (UK) said...

How fantastic to have met him! (Can't watch the video here, but that's my PC :-( )

I'd be petrified of calling him "Dr. Spock" by accident!

I got to meet Gordon Ramsay at a book signing recently, and he was a very nice chap, despite having to sign about a million books in 2 hours.

The Captain said...

He was very friendly despite having just signed 1000 autographs before getting to me. I've met a number of Star Trek celebs at these events, this one was certainly up there as one of the best.