Saturday 13 June 2009


Next month I'm due for an upgrade with my mobile phone supplier, Three. I've checked their current range of handsets and to say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. The only handset that would technically be an 'upgrade' would be the Nokia N96. Morticia is due her upgrade at the same time and there is nothing I can see suitable for her.

It seems that '3' are throwing all their eggs into the Skype basket and ignoring the wider market place. Surely this is going to hurt them. I for one (and Morticia for 2) will be voting with our feet.

I am now faced with waiting out my contract so I can get something decent from one of the other networks. I'm fancying the HTC Magic Android phone on Vodafone at the moment. It's so frustrating!


The Famulus said...

I am looking forward to my return to the UK. It will be pre-empted by a subscription to a new mobile contract. I'm with Orange atm, but that Android phone is looking damn fine. That will doubtlessly be an August task and one that I am very much looking forward to. :-)

James (UK) said...

I'm lucky enough to be using an HTC TyTN ("Vodaphone VPA Compact III"), and it is good, but it does have some very strange quirks I don't like; the "key lock" for one.

No matter how you have the keys "locked", if the 'phone rings, the red / green answer / hang-up buttons all become active, meaning often the 'phone rings in my pocket, and in the act of trying to get it out, I "answer" the call or disconnect it.

Also, the camera button is a bit awkward to use too.

I think the most ironic thing is it has a full keyboard, which was one of my dreams, and now I find I can't write text messages with one hand like I could on my old mobile! ;-)

Do have a play with the Android first, just in case...!