Tuesday, 11 August 2009


e71It was upgrade time on my mobile contract once again and I was faced with the most important decision a pre-40 year old geek must face.


I looked at many, not tying myself to my current network. I had a few boxes to tick - must haves if you like;
  • Had to be a smartphone
  • GPS
  • Video Calling
  • Decent Web Browser
  • Support Applications
  • Good Calendar / Organiser
  • Camera with Flash (although doesn't have to be outstanding)
I did look at the HTC Magic and was won over with it's good looks, cool touch screen and Google powered operating system but it wasn't ticking all my boxes. I was keen not to make the same mistake I made 18 months ago when I blindly upgraded to the LG Viewty and promptly went back to using my Nokia N80 within a few months.

I looked at the Nokia N97 which ticked all my boxes but the cost and teething problems associated with a new model put me off. I then realised I was looking at touch screens almost exclusively, did I NEED a touchscreen? Well no, not really. I needed a good way of entering data for emailing, scheduling, blogging and tweeting. A qwerty keyboard? I looked long and hard at Blackberrys but it was unknown territory for me, I don't know anyone (apart from my boss) who owns one.

Then like the holy grail I noticed the Nokia E71. I did my homework, checked reviews, asked around and even went into a mobile phone shop to play on one. I was sold, this was the phone for me. The upgrade also offered me more stuff (calls, texts etc.) for less line rental! Everyone's a winner!

I've had it for over a week now and have to say it is a fab phone / device. I'm happy that this time I've made the correct choice.

I can't end this post without mentioning just how good a phone my old Nokia N80 was, it served me well for 3 years (2 lifetimes in the mobile phone world). It fell down a toilet and into a pint of beer and still kept on working. A true communication legend!


James (UK) said...

Did you manage to get those Star Trek sounds I uploaded to my webserver for you?

The Captain said...

I did thanks, the phone now sounds like it's Starfleet issue!