Saturday, 29 August 2009


Since coming back from Wales I've been craving something for me. Some time to myself to relax and be me, not someone's husband or father. Life just gets in the way of living, I just always seem to have something to do. It just frustrates me to see others who manage to squeeze in activities outside family life. Why can't I manage it?

My holiday ends this weekend with some family activities. Today we went to Twycross zoo, tomorrow we're off to an air show. I'm back at work from Tuesday and it'll be like I was never away.

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James (UK) said...

Mind they don't stop you at the gates on the way out, as an "escapee", and put you back in with the chimps! A female chimp, starved of male company for years, can do some pretty dreadful things when re-introduced to the male of their species once again.

Mind you, thinking about it... if I closed my eyes...