Sunday, 4 April 2010


The Eleventh DoctorYesterday saw Matt Smith's debut as the eleventh Doctor in series 5 of Doctor Who. It was all change with a new Doctor, new assistant, new TARDIS, new title sequence, new logo and not forgetting new Executive Producer/Head Writer.

I've been defending the changes all along to the doubters (Doctor Who's gift is that it can refresh and 'regenerate' and it is that that keeps it from going stale) and yesterday at 18:20 was time to find out whether my faith was misplaced or not.

I was pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed, it was a fun, action packed opener which helped flesh out the new Time Lord's character. Amy Pond, the new companion looks to be the best yet (and she's gorgeous to boot). All in all I'm more excited now about the new series than I was before.

Fish fingers and custard? Hmmmm.

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