Saturday, 17 April 2010

1004.17 HAIRY

That's right, I've grown a full beard. I've let my facial hair grow before but I really don't feel like shaving this one off. My self esteem and general mood is low at the moment so I guess the fuzz gives me something to hide behind.

The other day, Thursday I think, I had a terrible pain on the sole of my right foot. I looked but couldn't see anything. Upon closer inspection I found a white hair about an inch long sticking out of the source of the pain. It was quickly removed by tweezers but led me to some interesting questions. Was that really a hair growing out of the sole of my foot? Further investigation on the internet revealed that some people had come across this phenomenon. It was either a rogue follicle or a 'hair splinter'. Since it was the same colour as the fur on my cat's tail I'm leaning (hopefully) towards the latter.

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