Saturday 22 May 2010

1005.22 SKY PLUS HD

My Sky TV started to fail a couple of weeks ago which prompted me to phone customer services. They did a a few system checks with my which lead to a diagnosis of a faulty LBM (which I believe is the knobbly bit on the end of the stick on the dish). An engineer would have cost me just under £70 just for the call out so I asked if an upgrade was possible. I was transferred to the sales dept.

The sales dept could offer me a free system with a £30 set up fee but only if I took the HD package on top of my existing pack (an extra £10 per month). I told them that I didn't have a HD TV so the pack would be useless. I was then offered a system from £169 +set up. I told them that they were insulting me and asked to cancel my subscription.

Now I know this kind of story has been told be many people, many times. But this is the first time I have had first hand experience of going through the cancellation procedure for anything. The guy in cancellations was very sympathetic and immediately offered me the full Sky+HD system without the HD package for £29 with free installation. I'm not greedy, I wasn't after something for nothing and this I saw as a fair offer. I agreed.

Today the engineer came (at 08:00 this morning) to fit my new Sky. To say I am happy is an understatement. The system is amazing. I can see why people say that Sky+ will change the way you view TV. It's amazing! I can now watch all the shows that used to pass me by because of the hours I work or family hogging the remote.

I'm off now to watch more TV, see ya!

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