Sunday 16 May 2010

1005.15 LADS DAY OUT

I have to say that I've never been out on an all day drinking session, until now. Although I have to add that the drinking wasn't really what it was all about, it was more about good company, conversation and having a laugh. The group consisted of blokes from my team at work; Harvey Bubbles, Ginger Melon, The Boy Stubbs, Mauritian Elvis, Reidy, Mumbles and my good self.

The day started in Sheffield City Centre at 09:00with a visit to the Benjamin Huntsman, a Wetherspoons pub which serves cheap breakfasts. Then onward to catch the bus to Matlock, our destination for today, the 214 which incidentally was driven by a complete prick who got the bus into Matlock 30 minutes late for no explainable reason.

We started in the George, another Wetherspoons house, mainly because of the cheap beer. Later onto the Railway where we got hold of the dartboard for a couple of games. Then after Mumbles and I popped into a cycle shop next door (whilst the others were in the bookies) wh went back to the George for lunch and because some of the lads wanted to watch the game.

We left Matlock on the last bus (17:10) and ended up in the Sheffield Tap (a relatively new pub in Sheffield Railway Station) before calling it a night.

The Lads in Matlock
It was a great day out, nice to relax and spend time with friends with no pressure to get hammered. It was particularly poignant as the Mauritian Elvis is leaving the team soon (new job within our organisation). I look forward to doing this again soon.

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