Sunday, 16 January 2011


My mobile phone upgrade window opens on Wednesday and I've spent the past week/month researching my options. I'm going to definitely move away from the full querty keyboard device since work supplied me with a Blackberry. So what device do I choose? I've always been a Nokia boy but they have stagnated over the last few years and the Symbian operating system just doesn't cut it any more. So as I see it there is just 2 options, iPhone or Android, and with Android comes yet more choices.

So what are my requirements? The usual still applies, decent internet browser, fast performance, quality build etc etc. Also the camera has to be decent (but it's not a megapixels game) and I would like HD video recording since my video camera went tits up last year.

That brings it down to just 2 models;

the iPhone 4 or the HTC Desire HD.
which phone?

I'm looking into both models in great detail, I'm almost sure which direction I will go but the jury is still out and I'm not going to make the decision until I get actually into the phone shop. I will probably be going down to upgrade on Saturday unless I can't wait that long. Watch this space.

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