Saturday, 29 January 2011

1101.29 iPHONE

10 days ago I upgraded my phone. As I mentioned before my choice was between 2 phones. Basically between the top end Android phone and the iPhone 4. After loads of research I decided to go with the polished image and finish of Apple's iPhone. It was the quality of the device and the solid build that swayed me along with loads of friends testimonials.

I'm impressed, this is the top of the game. A complete lifestyle assistant for the 21st century geek. I'm not here to review it just to say how pleased I am with my choice. I only had one disappointment and that was the non-existent group texting function. This was easily worked around with a free app that fixed the issue. 

I want to say that my old phone, the Nokia E71, has been an awesome device and a great digital companion these last 18 months. I traded it it to cover the up front charge for my new iPhone.

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