Saturday, 23 April 2011

1104.23 ST GEORGE

As usual for this time of year we are all down south visiting Morticia's mother and her partner. I enjoy the break and for a change my eldest is behaving pretty well.

Today is St George's Day, the day we celebrate our Englishness. We visited the town centre today, it's been extremely hot so after perusing local shops we sat outside the cafe in the town square for a cuppa. I couldn't help but look on in envy at the lone cyclist enjoying a break. I really want that, the bike, the journey, the lifestyle. As we enjoyed our break we were treated to some unexpected entertainment.

Morris dancing, how English, how apt. Even Rags had a go. Perfect.

I purchased 2 books from the Cat Protection charity shop and was given a free one from the box of unsaleable book box.

Tonight is Doctor Who night with the premiere of the new series. It's been taped (is it people of my aged group that say 'taped' when they mean Sky+ or similar?) and I'm still waiting to watch it.

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