Sunday 24 April 2011

1104.24 EASTER EGG

So the big bunny came and I had the best Easter in a long time. No tension, completely relaxed. Perfect.

Yesterday I mentioned my purchase of a couple of books from a charity shop. One of them was 'Adrian Mole- The Prostrate Years' by Sue Townsend. I remember being 14 and reading the original Secret Diary and follow up Growing Pains. I was never very comfortable being a teenager and identified with the character. I couldn't resist the book when I saw it and started reading it as soon as I got back. I've ended up reading it within 24 hours (something I haven't done in a long time). Although I don't share much with the character I do find myself still relating to him. A boy who becomes a man who always feels slightly out of sync with the world around him. I feel like that often. Sue Townsend is a genius that somehow understands the male mind.

This evening Morticia, her mother and the girls took a walk to the local pub for a pint. It was the first time since I've been coming down here that I've visited any of the locals. I had a pint of Wells Eagle IPA in the Cambridgeshire Hunter. It was getting cold so we headed back (plus Rags was getting tired).

We go home tomorrow which is a real shame since I'm so relaxed at the moment. I'm currently settled on the settee enjoying a pint of real ale.

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