Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I've been wanting to do this for some time now. My site was getting tired and old lucking, I even contemplated shutting the whole thing down, after all who has a personal website these days? I still have things to say and I want to show off my cartoons (some people actually like them). I've decided that since I'm 40 I'd have a cleaner, more mature looking site. It'll take a while to have it all done but the blog and home page are complete, I've ditched some of the crap and planned new pages.

The next big thing is born from the catastrophic failure of my 40 B4 40 project. If your not familiar then it was a set of 40 tasks that I set down when I was 35 for completion before my fortieth birthday. Family, responsibility are finance all got in the way and I barely scratched the surface. I plan to revisit this list and publish a revised/new one with 50 tasks to do before I reach 50. As I write this fifty seems such a long way away but I know how fast that time will pass.

Enjoy the new site, I welcome your feedback.

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