Monday 30 May 2011


Today being a bank holiday and being English, we decided to go to the seaside despite the weather (which was overcast when we set off). Since we're staying at Morticia's mother's the nearest seaside is a place called HUNSTANTON. It's a place I'd never heard of before.

It wasn't long into the journey before it started raining, it didn't stop all day.

Hunstanton is billed as a Victorian seaside town, my first impressions didn't hold up this claim. It looked like a town that was left behind in the seventies. Ok, to give it it's due I didn't get to explore all the town, just a small part because of the miserable weather. I got the feeling that the town was missing a few tricks that the rest of the east coast has. One of the big deals about the seaside for me is 'fish & chips', something that is not well represented in the town. There is potential to be a 'nice' seaside resort, focused on family visitors but as it is now it's not worth the trip unless it's just a passing visit.

Back to our day, we arrived at lunch time. Had some trouble getting parked, not because it was busy (it wasn't) but because all the car parks had height bars and I couldn't get the roof box under. Luckily I found a car park with a slightly higher bar and paid a fiver for the day.

We went for lunch in one of the cafes overlooking the green and was disappointed.

My damp family

We looked around the shops for a while then hit the arcades (after all there was little else to do) and every parent knows....

Seaside + Bad Weather = Arcades <> Skint

We stayed until about 7pm and after a bag of chips we headed back.

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chocolat lover said...

I went to Hunstanton with some friends for a weekend a few years ago (1993 I think it was) all I remember of it was that it was really windy ;o)

The Captain said...

Don't think I'll be visiting again. A very poor experience.