Monday, 8 August 2011


05:32 - I'm up and almost ready to get off. Hoping to get away in half an hour. Next stop will be Chester services.

08:22 - We're at our only stop off before crossing Welsh border, Chester services. Traffic around Manchester was heavy but moving. Glad to put that behind us. Onward to Wales. Might make another stop yet, Morticia might take a little turn at driving in Snowdonia.

10:05 - We're in Snowdonia and there's no signal on my phone (so no tweeting). I'm resting while Morticia has a short drive.

10:30 - A little sleep, still very little signal on my phone.

14:50 - We arrived at the Hotel Penwig almost 2 hours ago, we had a drink, my first pint of Brains before having a little walk around. I just finished a pint of Rev James, that's pint no 2 of the day. Need to unpack now, just waiting for the cottage key.

19:38 - After an afternoon nap and unpacking we are now enjoying our holiday. I'm going to get off and enjoy myself. Lloniannau.

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chocolat lover said...

sounds like your having fun ;o)

The Captain said...

It was a great holiday, it's a place I really want to live.

Kit said...

are we there yet?

The Captain said...

Quiet in the back!