Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I don't get out much so when Morticia mentioned a trip to the theatre to see John Simm last year I of course agreed. The time came around for the play and we duly went along to the Crucible Theatre (most will know of course as being the venue for World Snooker). Whilst in a nearby pub before the show I was tweeting a friend about my night mentioning that I was about to see a play with John Simm in but couldn't remember the title. Mr Simm actually tweeted me to tell me what show I was about to see...

I'm not about to turn theatre critic and review the show, I've not been to the theatre much in my life which is a shame because when I do I really enjoy it. After the show we saw the cast (there were only 4) in the bar across the square, Mr Simm and one of the other cast even signed Morticia's programme.

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chocolat lover said...

wowzers a tweet from the man himself ;o)

Did you own up afterwards ;o)