Monday, 7 May 2012


Last year I turned 40 and failed to complete my 40 B4 40 challenge. I also did very little in the way of celebrating, I didn't fancy a party and although I did go into town for a drink and go for a meal, very little of note happened.

This year I wanted to make amends for me being a misery-guts. I'm not a party person, I've no interest in big social gatherings - What I really wanted was to have special time with my family, my Morticia and my girls. Where better than to spend my birthday in my favourite place in the whole world...

Cei Newydd (New Quay)

The added bonus was that whilst it was my birthday on the Saturday, it was Morticia's birthday on the Sunday. What is normally our destination for our summer holiday was this time a long weekend. We set off early Friday morning and after the usual magical drive through the heart of Wales we arrived at the Hotel Penwig around lunchtime. New Quay is like a dream, when I'm not there it's as if it's not a real place but when I'm there the world outside doesn't exist. It's such a perfect place.

The Penwig is under new management and whilst it still a perfect place to base ourselves it's not the same anymore. We were pleased that the previous manager who met us out on Saturday night.

The departure was a little easier this time around (usually it's like being ripped out of paradise) since we will be hopefully returning again for our full holiday in August.

To spend my birthday here was bliss, it just could never get any better.

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chocolat lover said...

my birthday is a week later than Morticias ;o)

happy belated birthday to you both...

...I wanted a big bang for my 40th (a couple of years ago now) and ended up having to organise everything myself.