Friday, 8 November 2013


The summer is over, one of the hottest for years (and I didn't even get a holiday to enjoy it) and my thoughts turn to thicker clothing, braving the elements and being generally cold. As I get older I enjoy winters less and less. One thing I have never hidden away from is cycling through the bad weather. I was looking forward to getting into some winter training on Sunday mornings (of course weather permitting), unfortunately this isn't happening. Not through lack of motivation or time constrains.

Earlier this year I shelled out over £100 to get my bike back up to spec, not much in the big cycling world but to me it's a lot of money. I then sold some bits and bobs to scrape together a bit of money to buy new tyres and other bits. Unfortunately, due to the current financial state, I needed to redirect that money to the family pot and I never managed to claw it back. Then the biggie! My right shifter stopped working (a little plastic thingamebob inside the main housing broke). Doesn't sound like much but to replace is going to cost me over £100! This effectively means that the bike is off the road pretty much indefinitely (unless I win the lottery or something).

I still have a bike for commuting, it's nearly 30 years old and is as heavy as a small Japanese car and not brilliant but it's still getting me from A to B, but it's no good for training or pleasure rides. 

So until I get some cash (which I can't see happening this year) my training is being held back. Hopefully I can sort something in time for next year's planned coast to coast ride.


chocolat lover said...

is there any way you could pay in installments for the shifter thing?

The Captain said...

Don't think that's an option. It's all up in the air now anyway.