Thursday, 3 October 2013

1310.03 I'M BACK

I consider myself in recovery at the moment. Depression is a demon that works silently and strips you of your life slowly and completely. I feel as if I've been in a battle within myself. When you feel there is no future in your life that is when it hits. If it wasn't for my little girl I don't think I'd be here today.

Lately I've been getting things into a bit of perspective. Things are far from OK and I still have a long way to go. I think it's time to start talking to the world outside my head.

I have notes and draft entries which I'll publish at some point.

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chocolat lover said...

welcome back ;o)

Depression is an awful illness to have. Whenever you start talking about it, you will find (in my experience anyway) that most people have been affected by it, by either having it themselves or knowing someone with it.

Dont feel that you have to do anything that you dont want to do/or dont feel able to do.

Keep on going you will get there ;o)